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PK-5 Learning Readiness Screener
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The PK–5 Learning Readiness Screener was developed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced educators and therapists. Yes! It is important that we consider the functioning of the whole child, not just academic skills. This includes gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory skills, language skills, cognitive skills and executive skills, social/emotional skills, and academic skills.

Our PK–5 LRS can be conducted 100% online at a convenient time and provides immediate insights to determine next steps and achieve better outcomes.

The screener is not mandatory, but it’s highly recommended before starting online tutoring.

It can be used as an admission criteria for schools accepting children up to the 5th grade.

The PK–5 LRS can be completed 100% online and provides relevant information to determine the appropriate level and intensity of tutoring sessions, as well as any need for differentiated educational support.

Your child may have already been affected by the pandemic, have you thought about this yet?

Several studies have already shown the huge impact of Covid-19 in children. Not only the disease itself, but also the lockdown and deprivation of social life had many negative effects on children’s learning processes and behavior.

That’s why we developed the PK–5 Learning Readiness Screener (PK–5 LRS), a powerful tool that can identify academic problems (Reading, Writing and Math) or behavioral issues in just a few minutes! This feature focuses on children ages 3-11.

PK–5 LRS is designed to help you identify potential problems early on so you can address them before they become serious issues for your child.

Our screening is also beneficial to homeschoolers.

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PK-5 Learning Readiness Screener
For kids age 3 to 11
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PK–5 LRS helps you to make an appropriate tutoring plan, with the most current and up to date information.
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