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Our Mission
To promote educational equity for all learners through the “whole student” approach, while meeting the needs of each learner. This is accomplished through quality and personalized instruction provided by experts in education.

President and founder of AC&A

Amee B. Cohen OT /L is a practicing occupational therapist who has worked with learning difficulties and special needs since 1986, when she has received a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious Temple University College of Allied Health and her certification from the National Board of Occupational Therapy.

Her extensive experience with teamwork, commitment and unique management style make Amee ideally suited to coordinate today one of the most recognized educational and therapy services providers in the United States.

Christian Katopodis
Managing Director

In 2010, Christian C. Katopodis, a former marketing and business executive with extensive experience in the healthcare, finance, advertising, and IT sectors, joined our team to implement a new working model that has allowed us to expand AC&A in a continuous and sustainable manner, providing highly personalized online services to schools and families.