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We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment to comprehensive therapy knows no colors, no boundaries. No matter your challenges, we want to empower you to thrive.


We embrace Unity and Inclusivity. Our commitment to comprehensive therapy and education knows no colors, no bounds. No matter your background, we want to empower you to thrive.
AC&A’s Integral System

Educational and Therapy Services Solutions for All Ages

Empowering Students through Integration

A Seamless Integration of Services for Holistic Education

AC&A’s Integral Tutoring System embodies a transformative approach that goes beyond traditional tutoring. By seamlessly integrating various services, we provide a complete and comprehensive educational experience. From early intervention to college preparation, our system addresses cognitive, behavioral, and developmental needs, ensuring a well-rounded education for every student. With online tutoring for K-12 students and a range of personalized services, we empower learners at all levels to excel academically and thrive holistically.

Online Tutoring and Special Education

From Pre-K to 5th grade, respecting the needs of the “whole child”, not just focusing on grades or tests.

Online Tutoring and College Prep Program

From 6th to 12th grade. Master school content and achieve your academic goals!

Therapy Programs designed for all Age Groups

Our Programs are perfect for rehabilitative sessions at home with no travel, no waiting, no stress. You can easily find the right one, request full customization, and start sessions in about a week.

Become a Certified SWP Trainer

And help children, adults, and seniors achieve sensory balance and better perform their daily activities.

Evaluations for Therapy:

A full range of educational and pediatric services for your convenience

Behavioral Therapy

Helping children respond positively to situations

Physical Therapy

Evaluating Best Treatments For Delays In Motor Skills

Occupational Therapy

Improving Learning and Life Skills

Speech Language Therapy

Communication Without Barriers

Conveniently conducted from the comfort of your own home!

Simply schedule a date for your evaluation and complete an interactive online admission form. Our team will carefully select the most qualified professional for your evaluation.

It’s Time for a Change!

Our team of therapists and researchers has developed a comprehensive series of evidence-based programs, focusing on common special needs across different age groups.

MyTherapyPrograms.com is an online platform powered by AC&A, offering over 150 evidence-based programs that are pre-formatted for occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and support for behavioral issues.

Designed to meet the specific therapy goals of individuals and families, these programs can be easily tailored to specific needs with the online assistance of AC&A’s expert therapists. The customized program can be downloaded and printed, allowing for easy access and usability anytime, anywhere.

MyTherapyPrograms.com provides flexibility, convenience, and positive results at a much more affordable cost compared to traditional methods.

Enhancing Sensory Skills for Professionals and Caregivers

The SensoryWorkoutProgram (SWP) is an exclusive online training method developed by AC&A. It is designed to cater to the needs of health and education professionals, caregivers, parents/helpers, SEN staff, social workers, and adoption workers.

By participating in the online training, individuals become SWP certified facilitators, gaining access to practical exercises and valuable resources that address sensory needs in a variety of settings.

Whether at home, in classrooms, workplaces, ALFs, or other environments, SWP facilitators are equipped with effective strategies and exercises to promote sensory integration, regulation, and the development of coping skills.
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