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Therapies at Schools
AC&A welcomes all school staff and administration to our team

We are pediatric therapy providers integrating our services with educational goals and curriculum; assisting the students in achieving their academic and therapeutic goals. We are prepared to assist the school staff and administration with their entire classroom, academic and therapeutic needs. We look forward to collaborating with your school and optimizing the performance of each special needs student.

For the past decade we have worked closely with Private and Public school ESE coordinators, school principals and directors, classroom teachers and therapeutic services of all disciplines. We have a thorough knowledge of the process needed to implement a comprehensive therapy program focused on Best Practice principles and outcomes.

Schools provide academic instruction, testing, and management of student curriculum. It has been our observation that the required coordination of therapeutic services, implementation of the student’s IEP goals/initial testing/coordination of meetings and provision of therapeutic services is often a separate job. One that requires a team of therapeutic professionals.

Completing educational opportunities

Providing therapeutic services to the student in need of intervention allows the school the ability to offer the student access to his or her potential. AC&A coordinates the process for implementing the services needed, working with educators and parents, and completing the educational opportunities for your school.

1. Collaborate with the educational team to address student needs.

2. Assist students to optimize performance with adaptations and accommodations.

3. Work with parents to help them support their child’s learning and participation in school.

4. Work with educators and other school support staff to plan and develop activities and environments that include all students.

5. Collaborate with Paraeducators to support child success and promote safety within the school environment (e.g., physical and behavioral assistance needs).

6. Collaborating with administrators to provide training for students, staff, and parents, as well as recommending equipment for schools and ways to modify existing buildings and curriculum to allow access for all.

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How It Works

1. Schedule a video conference with an AC&A specialist therapist.

2. Submit a School Registration Form prior to the live meeting.

3. Meet with the specialist therapist to discuss intake and relevant information received from the Intake Form, as well as your needs for supporting Exceptional Students Education.

4. During the video consultation, specialist therapist will be able to assess the specific characteristics and needs of your school, and answer all your questions about educational and therapeutic services at school.