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PK-5 GPS GrantPrep Screener
The Essential Tool for Securing Your Child’s Education
Boost Academic Success and Unlock Scholarship Opportunities

PK-5 GPS offers crucial insights for making informed decisions about your child’s unique educational needs.

Administered entirely online in a session of approximately 60 minutes, this innovative educational screening assesses core academic areas—reading, writing, and math—as well as behavioral and developmental aspects.

Easy, quick, and efficient, PK-5 GPS delivers a precise, comprehensive assessment to enhance your child’s learning progress, highlighting their potential areas for improvement. It also offers valuable assistance with the selection and application process for scholarships and grants.

This seamless blend of educational screening and future planning makes PK-5 GPS a key step in securing a successful educational path for your child.

Comprehensive Assessments for Tailored Learning

PK-5 GPS conducts systematic, standardized assessments to fully comprehend your child’s academic landscape. These evaluations enable the KShieldTutoring specialists to identify and recommend optimal educational supports and interventions, tailored to your child’s learning profile.

Moreover, they can assist you in selecting the most beneficial educational resources, encompassing Tutoring Support, Learning Enrichment, Special Education Support, and Language and Literacy Aid.

Co-created Educational Plans for Your Child

Utilizing PK-5 GPS results and in collaboration with you, KShieldTutoring specialists craft personalized educational plans that align with your child’s unique needs and aspirations. The KShieldTutoring team works closely with you to devise a plan that maximizes educational support, nurturing your child’s academic growth and holistic development.

Scholarship and Grant Application Guidance

Supervised by certified test proctors, PK-5 GPS provides detailed information and documentation, recognized by schools and districts as an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).

The KShieldTutoring specialists offer comprehensive guidance, streamlining the scholarship and grant application processes, assisting with document preparation, and ensuring your application effectively highlights the need for the proposed educational support.

Test with Confidence!
Secure Screening for Reliable Results
KShield Screenings and Assessments are supervised by certified test proctors to ensure a fair testing environment and accurate results. You can focus on your test, knowing that your progress is being closely monitored to maintain academic integrity. Schedule your child’s KShield Assessment now!
PK-5 GPS GrantPrep Screener
The Essential Tool for Securing Your Child’s Education
For kids age 3 to 11
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PK-5 GPS provides a comprehensive framework for successful learning and scholarship opportunities.
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