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Book Now for an Evaluation for Therapy Grant

$169 for a 60-minute session with a specialized therapist
Evaluation for Therapy Grant
Assessments and Support for Grant Applications

At KShieldTutoring, we understand the importance of accessing therapeutic treatment for your child. We also recognize that finding the necessary funding can be a challenge.

The KShield Evaluations for Therapy offer comprehensive and valuable guidance to assist parents in selecting and applying for grants specifically designed to support therapeutic interventions.

Our team of experts is committed to helping parents navigate the grant application process effectively. Through our Evaluations for Therapy, we provide thorough assessments and professional opinions to ensure that you have the necessary data to make informed decisions about your child’s therapeutic needs.

Conveniently conducted from the comfort of your own home!

Simply schedule a date for your evaluation and complete an interactive online admission form. Our team will carefully select the most qualified professional for your evaluation.

• Utilization of advanced assessment tools
• Fully comprehensive 100% online evaluation
• Guidance and orientation on therapy options
• Personalized recommendations for ongoing support and progress
• Expert advice on grant funding opportunities

How It Works: