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MyTherapy Programs
Customized therapy programs accessible to all ages

, developed by Amee Cohen & Associates, provides customized therapy programs accessible to a wide range of patients and families. These evidence-based programs can be carried out in the comfort of the patients’ homes with the help of a family member or facilitator. The programs address various special needs and are tailored to each patient’s specific characteristics. With 24/7 online support from our therapist team, MyTherapyPrograms.com offers an effective and convenient way to manage therapies.

For the small minority of patients who require highly individualized therapy, AC&A also offers in-home, in-school, and Teletherapy services for residents in Florida.

Visit website for more information: mytherapyprograms.com

Therapy Programs

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For Seniors

Therapy specifically developed for seniors from 65 years old and older

For Adults

Therapy specifically developed for adults from 18 – 65 years old

For Children

Therapy specifically developed for children from birth – 18 years old